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Southern Indiana Butcher Supply adds “Brew” and “BBQ” and goes retail

Jesse 96dpiJesse Summers, of Lamar, has worked in the meat industry for years. He managed retail meat markets, worked in packing houses and, “made a lot of sausage,” he grins.

Four years ago, Jesse and his wife, Debbie decided to start an online business to sell butchering, sausage-making and meat processing supplies. Much of their high-quality merchandise catered to professional butchers, but some was geared toward the average consumer.

Southern Indiana Butcher Supply took off.

“We ship all over the country,” Jesse grins. “We ship halfway around the world, actually.” They even have some loyal customers in the Philippines.

The business was so successful that it outgrew its space.

The couple began looking at buildings.

When the former Dollar General Store at 131 East 10th Street became available, Jesse decided, “We’d like to be in Ferdinand.”

Much of the space houses the online part of the business. Shelves upon shelves of everything from meat grinders and slicers to band saw blades and knives to aprons and seasonings stand at the ready to be packed for shipment.

The new retail area is located in the front of the store.

Now, Jesse Summers is a member of the Kansas City Barbecue Society and loves to barbecue.

So, he decided to offer equipment, sauces and seasonings for that as well and Southern Indiana Butcher Supply became Southern Indiana Butcher and BBQ Supply.

The result is a virtual “candy store” for the do-it-yourself-er. High quality seasonings, rubs and sauces not widely available are offered, at very reasonable prices. Some are made by competition barbecue chefs.

“We’re always looking out for new and different stuff,” says Summers. “Stuff that’s not available just anywhere.”

Seasoning and directions to make nearly any type of fresh or smoked sausage imaginable is offered, by the case or in single batch units.

The shop is also a venison-lover’s paradise. Everything needed to process deer is available including summer sausage and salami kits — seasonings, cures and casings to make a perfect 25 pounds of deer sausage.

Durable precision forged knives are in stock, all either German or Swiss made and all top-of-the-line.

“We sell a lot of band saw blades, in just about any size. And, not only for meat processing,” Jesse relates. Leather, plastic, corrugated product and wood industries have all ordered replacement band saw blades, he says.

Meat bags to make chubs and vacuum freezer bags are offered at terrific prices.

Absolutely anything necessary for meat processing can be found at Southern Indiana Butcher, Brew and BBQ Supply. He has even added grinder knife and plate sharpening services.

The retail shop, Summers notes, is a work in progress. After having purchased wooden shelving and a huge wooden conference table from the Jasper Library (along with a poster proclaiming “I geek barbecue”), he is hard at work creating attractive displays.

That is, when he isn’t answering the phone. The online business is hopping.

Some fellows stopping in to browse made a suggestion. Why not offer beer and wine-making supplies?

“I thought the correct response was, Sure!” Jesse chuckles.

Jesse took his customers’ requests to heart. After all, what’s a great barbecue without a great beer?

So, Southern Indiana Butcher and BBQ Supply is now Southern Indiana Butcher, Brew and BBQ Supply (SIB3).

Now, Summers never does anything half way. When he said he’d stock beer and wine-making supplies, he found the very best.

From beer kits to wine test kits, SIB3 offers everything needed to make marvelous libations, for both the novice and the professional microbrewer.

Twenty-seven different kits are offered for ale, stout, lager and pilsner, as well as fruit and spice flavorings. Wine kits include unusual varieties such as pomegranate zinfandel, green apple riesling, blackberry cabernet and strawberry merlot.

For the true do-it-yourself-er, whole grains, hops, malt, malt extracts (hopped or unhopped) and yeast are offered, along with high-quality fruit juices and extracts. A selection of reference books is also available, as well as equipment. SIB3 is the local Blichmann Engineering dealer.

Great beer and wine deserve good packaging, so Summers also stocks bottles, caps, corks and glassware.

Check out Southern Indiana Butcher, Brew and BBQ Supply. Hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.on Saturdays. Visit


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