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Welcome to dcForward — a collaboration of DC Free Press and the Ferdinand News.

We can’t say it’s “hot off the press” because dcForward is a tablet magazine — a first for the area. In fact, it’s really no more of a magazine than the chair you are sitting on. Oh what you have is full of words and pictures, but in a wholly unique interface.

The partnership is a unique one as well.

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The Ferdinand News was founded in 1906 by the Commerce Club, predecessor to the Chamber of Commerce. Within two months the vitriolic editor was fired and the pressman, Henry Haake, bought the publication.

It stayed in the Haake family for the next 84 years — run by Henry’s two sons after his death. In 1990, the Haake brothers sold the traditional community newspaper to another pair of siblings, brother Richard Tretter and sister Miriam Ash and their spouses.

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The Tretters bought the Ashes out after they retired in 2009, continuing a 108-year-old tradition of quality, award-winning community journalism.

The DC Free Press was launched two years ago by Matt and Amy Crane.

Seeing a need in the community for an online media venue, Matt, a writer, a Navy veteran, a diver, a kayak guide and an internet entrepreneur, launched the DC Free Press in the spring of 2011 with considerable help from his multi-talented wife.

app buttonFate stepped in and 2011 became an event-filled year of record-setting weather, a gymnasium collapse, and biomass and library debates; all before ever reaching an exciting election season.

Their unique coverage and voice catapulted the Freep to the forefront as a news source for the county.

Two years later, it is hard to find anyone with ties to the county who doesn’t visit the Free Press site frequently.

When Richard and Kathy Tretter and Matt and Amy Crane got together for the first time, something clicked; the four knew they could create something special and unique that would serve the community in creative ways.

Recognizing the impact of Dubois County’s dynamic business and industrial community, we decided the first issue of dcForward would exemplify the work ethic, the ingenuity, and the entrepreneurship of the people of this county.

Essential old-style methodology and cutting edge technology have joined forces and this publication is the result.